Auto & General Car Insurance Quotes

South-African citizens don’t need much introduction to Auto & General. It’s very likely that at some point in your life you will have car insurance from Auto & General. They are trusted by our nation, and have proven themselves over time.

Auto & General has been providing reliable, trustworthy insurance services to the people of South-Africa since 1985. Since establishment, Auto & General have grown into a mammoth force. With Auto & General, you can find a broad range of insurance products including car insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and even business insurance.

Auto & General car insurance has been setting the bar in the industry for a long time. With innovative products and benefits,  Auto & General car insurance clearly stands out. With great benefits like “Cash Back Plus”, you know your  money will be well spent. With their comprehensive car insurance plan, you know you will receive all the benefits you need.

When browsing for the best car insurance quotes, it’s important to find a company with proven credentials. Auto & General provides insurance for most vehicles. Regardless if it’s an expensive, top of the range luxury vehicle or a sought after classic collectable. With Auto & General car insurance, you can definitely rest assured that your hard earned asset will be in good hands.

Auto & General Car Insurance Offer Four Different Options:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

With comprehensive vehicle insurance, you may claim for any specified damages to your vehicle. You can also claim if your car gets stolen or high jacked. With this complete option, you can also claim for any damage you caused to other parties and/or their property. This is the highest level offered by Auto & General car insurance. This is the best option; if you own a newer, or more expensive vehicle model. With this option, you know you are fully protected.

Third party, Fire and Theft Insurance Car Insurance

With Third Party, Fire and Theft vehicle insurance, you may claim for third party damages, fire or theft. With this basic option, you can at least have the peace of mind that you can claim for damage caused to other parties and their property. This option can definitely help you in the unfortunate event of an unforeseen accident. For example, if you have an older, less expensive vehicle, you might still cause an accident with a super expensive sports car. This policy will protect you in this regard. Keep in mind, you can’t claim for accidental damage to your own vehicle.

Third Party Only Car Insurance

With Auto & General Third Party Car Insurance, you know that you are fully protected if you cause damage to other people’s property. This can be extremely handy if you accidentally back into a super car. This watered down version will be most effective if you have a less expensive vehicle. Unfortunately, you won’t receive any compensation if your vehicle gets lost or damaged, but at least you can rest assured that if you cause major damage to other people’s vehicles you have car insurance that will ensure their vehicle gets fixed.

Comprehensive Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

With Comprehensive Off-Road Vehicle Insurance, you can claim for any accident damage to your off-road vehicle, or if it is stolen. With this specialised option, you can claim for damages you accidentally caused to other parties, and their property. You can also claim for damages to your own vehicle.

 Other Vehicles Covered by Auto & General


You can cover any motorcycle, regardless of the engine size. Whether you have a small 50cc scooter, or a hardened superbike. Auto & General offers bike insurance to suit everybody’s needs.

  • Standard Motorcycle Accessories.
  • Motorcycles used for normal or as social means of transport.
  • Third Party Liability.


Happy campers need insurance too. Protecting you mobile holiday home is very important. With Auto & General, you can get reliable, specialised caravan insurance.

  • Caravans and trailers with factory fitted accessories. These accessories can in combination with other risks or covered individually.
  • An additional insurance option available for loose contents such as bedding, crockery, appliances etc. that were bought together with the caravan.


Under Auto & General’s Trailer Insurance, you may claim if your trailer is damaged or stolen. With this option, you can claim for the accidental damage you caused to other parties and their respected property.

  • With Auto & General Trailer Insurance, you will only have cover, if the trailer is used solely for domestic, social or pleasure purposes only.

Watercraft Cover

Nowadays there isn’t much that says fun more than a powerful water craft. Fun in the sun is always great medicine. With Auto & General Watercraft Insurance, you can rest assured that your watercraft is in good hands.

  • Rubber ducks, yachts, motor boats, catamarans, dinghies, and jet skis etc.
  • All machinery and motors, gears, standard fittings, equipment and fitted accessories included.
  • Transporting of you water craft will also be included.
  • Third party liability, medical costs and optional water-skiers liability cover will be included.

Auto & General Assist

 With Auto & General Car Insurance, you get the complimentary “Road Assist” feature. This is included with all vehicle policies, excluding third party only insurance. These include innovative benefits like:

  • Breakdown assistance.
  • Car hire.
  • Accident Assistance.
  • Medical Assist etc.

With Auto & General Car Insurance, you can save even more if you include your household content under the same policy. To get a home insurance quote, simply tick the box on the right and we will discuss some available options with you when we call you.

In A Nutshell: With Auto & General Car Insurance, you know that you will have easy claim procedures. Great additional benefits, affordable premiums, amazing service and everything you would expect from your car insurance provider.

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