Car Insurance Explained

In South Africa, everybody needs to make sure that their property is properly protected against the dreaded worst case scenario. The sole purpose of car insurance is to safeguard your hard earned, valuable assets.

All South-Africans know that the crime rate is, unfortunately, out of control. As a matter of fact, south-Africa is amongst the top 10 Countries with the highest vehicle crime in the world. This depressing statistic serves as a reminder that we can’t afford not to be prepared.

With Car Insurance Finder, you can find affordable car insurance with just one click. Simply fill in the form on the right, and one of our friendly, experienced consultants will give you a call to discuss some available options. With most car insurance providers, you have some options to suit your exact needs:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can make sure that your vehicle is covered for just about every imaginable event. With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can make sure that you will be insured if you cause damage to other’s property, or if you cause damage to your own property. This type of insurance is usually the most expensive but will also provide the best service. For valuable vehicles, this is definitely the option to consider. With comprehensive vehicle insurance, you can usually specify valuable items sometimes transported in your vehicle.

Third Party, Theft and Fire Insurance

With Car Insurance Finder, you can find basic, third part, theft and fire insurance. This is a watered down version of the comprehensive car insurance cover. This is an entry level version that will make sure that you are covered if you cause damage to an expensive vehicle, your vehicle gets stolen, or loss due to fire. This option is usually used for smaller, less expensive vehicles. It still gives you the peace of mind that you have some form of car insurance. Having this option will definitely help you in the event of certain events. Although slightly limited, it’s still very effective.

Third Party Only Insurance

This is the most basic form of car insurance. With Car Insurance Finder, you can find providers that offer the very basic, “Third Party Only” option. The sole purpose of this option is to safeguard you against large claims. With this option, you will, unfortunately, enjoy no cover when your vehicle is stolen, at least you can rest assured that if you cause an accident and there is major damage to expensive vehicle(s), you will have adequate cover. This option will usually be taken for people that don’t care about their vehicle too much, they just want to make sure that they are covered when they cause damage to other’s property.

Pay as You Drive Insurance

With Car Insurance Finder, you can find ‘Pay as you Drive” insurance. This is plain and simple, the less you drive, the less your insurance premium will be. This is usually calculated on the kilometers you drove for the month. This form of car insurance can be very cost effective. This option was designed for vehicles that are usually not on the road very much. Having your vehicle safely at home severely limits the risk of the vehicle. This option can be used for expensive “Sunday” vehicles, or secondary vehicles that are used per occasion.

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