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In this section of Car Insurance Finder, you can research some of South-Africa’s leading car insurance providers. Use this section to discover interesting benefits each car insurance provider offer.

Getting the best car insurance quotes are really easy, simply go through the benefits listed in each car insurance provider section. You can let us know whom you prefer, and we will get relevant car insurance quotes on your behalf. It’s that simple! You fill in our form once; we get quotes from all the providers we represent. We do the heavy lifting on your behalf. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for our consultant to provide you with some affordable car insurance quotes.

We all love getting extra services and benefits. Some South-African car insurance providers really do go the extra mile to offer you some innovative benefits and services. For example, other than just your basic benefits, some car insurance providers will offer you benefits like road side assistance. This can be due to breakdown, running out of gas, or even locking your key in your car. So make sure that you research every car insurance provider before your request a quote from that company. Take your time and read through all the content. Make sure that you request the most relevant car insurance provider.

Please note, although every possible care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the content, we can’t guarantee that the information displayed on our website is correct. We regularly update our content according to provider changes. We want to make sure that you find relevant information on our website.

We represent some of the most trusted car insurance providers in South-Africa. We always strive to provide you, the valued customer with the best car insurance we can find.

To apply for affordable car insurance quotes, simply complete the form on the right side of our website. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Remember, you might qualify for reduced premiums if you also include your home content. Some providers will give you discount if you combine the two types of insurance. If you want to get a quote for both your car and home content, please tick the box “I Also Want Home Insurance” on the right. We can supply you with a car insurance quote or combined package.


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