Unity Car Insurance

Unity was established in November 2004. Unity provides sturdy products including household, motor and business insurance. Since their inception, they have proven that they are here to stay. Unity offers inexpensive insurance solutions you, and your family can fully trust. With Unity Car insurance, you can be sure that your vehicle will be appropriately protected against the unforeseen.

From the very first day, it was undisputable that Unity  will not be an ordinary insurance services solution. Unity takes aims at a very large market. They want to provide insurance to all the people of South-Africa.

Unity strives to create a sustainable, great working environment. They also do their best to develop, train and retrain people from all walks of life. With Unity Car Insurance, you get tomorrow’s benefits today. They fully understand the industry and have shaped their car insurance to fit everybody in sunny South-Africa.

With Unity Car Insurance, you can insure your luxury vehicle or the old family station wagon. With tailor made solutions they the perfect vehicle insurance solution for you.

 With Unity Car Insurance, you have 3 available options

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

This is the highest level offered. With this option, you can claim for damages to your vehicle, as well as damage caused to other people’s property. This is the best option if you drive an expensive or newer vehicle. With this option, you know you cover all your bases.

3rd Party, Fire & Theft Only

With this option, you can only claim for certain specified damage to the vehicle and theft. You can submit a claim for any accidental damage you caused to other parties, and their valued property. Unfortunately, you may not claim for accident damage to your own vehicle.

3rd Party only

This option allows you to claim for damages caused to other parties. This option will be best if you are not too worried about your own vehicle. With this option, you know if you cause damage to an expensive sports car, you have car insurance that will ensure that the damages caused to that party can be repaired. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim for any damage to your own vehicle.

With Unity Car Insurance, you can also cover your 4×4 vehicle, bike, boat, caravan, trailer etc. You can combine your Unity vehicle Insurance with your home content insurance. This option can significantly reduce your total combined premiums.

To get a free no obligation Unity Car Insurance quote, simply complete the little form on the right and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

In a Nutshell: With Unity Car Insurance, you receive amazing benefits at an affordable rate. You can insure just about any vehicle and receive world class service and benefits. You can combine your car insurance and your household insurance for better combined premiums.


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