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If you are new to the vehicle tracking service industry, or you haven’t been keeping up to date, you are in for a surprise.

Vehicle tracking services have significantly improved over the last couple of years. The technology used in vehicle tracking devices are absolutely astonishing. When Vehicle tracking first started it was limited to your provider call centre. Your provider simply monitored where your vehicle was at the time. This system used massive processing with a very basic outcome.

Today it’s an entire different situation. Nowadays, you can monitor live from your computer whether your designated driver was breaking excessively, accelerating too quickly or even left the area you as designated. This means that fleet managers can monitor the fleet in real-time, basically you can manage your vehicles online in full. For a parent that just got their teenage driver a new car, vehicle tracking services can assist you with a vast number of things. For example, you can set a certain area in which your teenager is allowed to dive. You can the monitor online to see if the barriers where obeyed.

The great thing about these amazing futuristic features, also known as telematics, are reduced insurance premiums. Obviously, over and above being able to control the way your vehicle is driven, it can be recovered if stolen. Some of South-Africa’s leading vehicle tracking providers have a 95% recover rate. This means that you can rest assured that your vehicle will most likely get recovered if stolen.

With Car Insurance Finder, you can find many different types of vehicle tracking services, you can cover your asset in full, or simply get a recovery service. There are many different options to suit everybody’s individual needs.

Getting vehicle tracking services is a great addition to your car insurance. You can save money on your premiums and get the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected to the best of your ability.

It’s not ridiculously expensive to have a device fitted, in South-Africa this is really an advantage. Getting vehicle tracking service, or fleet management services are easy. Fill in our form and we will contact you with further information. As a matter of fact, if you apply for vehicle tracking services using our website, you are eligible for a reduced premium up to 20%.

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